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Just copy the executable somewhere and run it. The source code is written in C#, .Net 4.0 and the project is Visual Studio 2012.

How to use it

Run the application. It will remain active and wait until you press the key combination Ctrl-Shift-P. It will then take a snapshot of your screen and try to find a Pixelo game in it, then solve it. It will display partial solutions while it works, then the found solutions. Exit by pressing 'q' in the console window or Ctrl-C to forcefully close it. A lot of other options are displayed in the program when running.

Known Issues

Pixelo starts with some large icons for the keyboard controls, icons that change into something smaller as soon as you move something. The large icons may overlap the digits on the edge of the board, so make sure you move before you take the snapshot. Otherwise, there might be no solutions found, since the numerical values are not completely understood (see Spaghetti, the 5th last Hard puzzle).

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